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Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN: Full Manual
Thanks to poleritude, Gun Bunny, and the Player Council for help with the Manual

Welcome to the world of Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN, a web based MMORPG set in a fantastic anime setting spanning many genres. You are an aspiring ninja, with your own budding show. Your ultimate goal is to become the most powerful anime character that ever lived (and consequently have the most wildly successful show, lasting dozens of seasons while you are at it)! There are many paths to be traveled on your journey toward greatness, and innumerable are the challenges to be overcome.

Will you join a village and become a legendary ninja amongst their ranks? Will you rise up and become a great and wise leader of your own village of ninja? Will you become so powerful that you single-handedly dispatch a demon in a one on one fight? or will you attain such strength that you yourself are considered a monster among mere mortals?

Of course no great hero is ever single-faceted. To round out your skills (and keep your audience interested), you will need to grow beyond your ninja origins. Perhaps you will pilot a giant robot in a great arena battle, or maybe you'll sail the high seas with your own pirate crew. Will you wander the wastelands in search of power and artifacts as a lone traveler, or will you cross over into the spirit realm and whip some reaper butt? Only you can decide the direction of your journey. Your wits and your hard work are the only limits to how great you can become!

Your Character

The core of the BvS experience is your character, who is your own personal avatar in this world. For all practical purposes your character is you, in your dealings here in this exciting anime world.

You begin the game as a Ninja Academy student, not yet a full fledged ninja but on the eve of being sent on your very first mission. As you progress along this path you can achieve greater rank (and power) as a ninja. Over time you will advance from a Genin, and take exams to become a Chunin, Special Jonin, Jonin, and even beyond.

Also your character's show will begin in season 1, but as you accomplish great things, your writers will sign you on for additional seasons, in which you can reach new heights. Each season will allow you to become more powerful then the season before, and open up new areas for you to explore and advance through.

**Note: There are strict rules about playing multiple characters, if you should do so those characters are forbidden from aiding each other in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. Also in no instance should one person EVER have more then 3 characters at a time.

Character Statistics

Each character has a collection of statistics and values that determines how good they are at any given task. Here we will go into each briefly to give you an idea of what each is, and what it is used for.

Abilities are a measure of how good you are at a particular skill. They are expressed in levels, and the more levels you have, the better you are at that type of task.

Genjutsu - This is the ninja art of mental power. It is your ability to outwit your opponent, succeed in raw challenges of will, and create or see through illusions. Most tests of mind fall into this category.

Ninjutsu - This is the ninja art of ancient secret ninja techniques. Disappearing in smoke, jumping off tree tops, running up walls, creating fireballs and the like would fall into this category.

Taijutsu - This is the ninja art of raw martial power. Straight up physical power and the perfection of martial arts are the province of this ability.

As you advance through the game you will find that there are other hidden abilities beyond the above listed three, and they will each have their specific uses. By and large though Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu are the staple of any ninja's skill set and you will use them throughout the majority of the game.

Stamina is essentially a measure of how much stuff you can do before you are tired out for the day. Actions such as running missions, working on Quests, Sparing, and various other activities in the BvS world use up a portion of your stamina each time you do them. When you exhaust your supply of stamina, you will be unable to perform these actions until you find a way to get more. At the beginning of each BvS day, your stamina will be replenished and you will be able to engage in another days worth of stamina requiring activities.

**Note stamina DOES NOT carry over from one day to another, and you can't have more than 32,767 Stamina at one time. All stamina is wiped at the end of each day, and then you are awarded the amount you are supposed to begin with that day. You CAN NOT save stamina from one day to use in the next. In short, use it or lose it each BvS day!

Chakra is a measure of your spiritual or mystical life force energy. It is the essence which you use to power your Jutsu (Ninja Arts). Most Jutsu require chakra to activate, though some of them have additional requirements as well. If you do not have the required amount of chakra you will not be able to use your jutsu powers, which are very useful in passing missions, and accomplishing various tasks.

Each day you will begin with half of your maximum chakra, and you can spend 10 stamina to "charge" your chakra which will give you half of your maximum value in chakra (up to your maximum value). There are other ways to regain chakra, but you will have to find them in the course of exploring the game.

Appetite reflects the amount of consumable items you can use in a day. It is used to drink potions and activate other similar items. These consumables can grant you anything from a one time bonus to your next mission, to more stamina, to a bonus that lasts all day long. As you gain rank you will gain more appetite, and there are a few other ways you will have to discover in game that will also increase the amount of appetite you have for a day.

Your appetite will return to full at the beginning of each day. As with stamina it does not carry over from one day to the next. You will always begin each day with your maximum appetite, and any unused appetite from the day before is lost.

Ryo is the main currency of BvS. It is used to buy items from the shop, play games in the party house, pay entry fees into tournaments, and buy upgrades for villages. You won't get very far in the world of the modern ninja, without a few Ryo jingling in your pocket.

Running missions is by and large the most common way for you to earn yourself some Ryo. Various items, allies, and other factors can increase how much Ryo you are paid for each mission. You can also sell off extra items you do not need, win party house games, or win other competitive prizes to get yourself some more coins to spend.

Resource Points
Resource Points (RP) are an alternate currency, made through the destruction of Village Resources. These are used as rewards by Leaders to villagers, and are spent at a few select places.

Items are objects that you can acquire throughout the game that will make your character more powerful, be used for a jutsu, be used as a component in crafting, or be required to complete a quest. Some of these items are consumable and will be used up when you activate them, and others will permanently enhance your character’s statistics.

There are many ways to get items in BvS such as buying them from the shop, finding them on missions, receiving them as a reward for a quest, winning them in the various games in the party house, or being awarded them as a prize for a competition. In general you will want to collect as many unique permanent items as possible in your travels through the world of BvS, as they greatly enhance your character.

Some items can be traded with your fellow players, and others you must earn yourself. Some items will follow you from season to season as your show progresses, and others must be regained during each season. Some of the most powerful items will take great effort and much time to acquire, but the rewards are often worth the hard work and wait.

Allies are side characters that will aid you in your BvS adventures. You will be able to form a team of allies to assist you in tasks such as passing missions. Each ally will have bonuses that they give you for being on your team. Allies also will teach you the justu powers that they know, so that you may use them on missions. You create teams of ninja by accessing the Team menu at the top of the page.

In the beginning you will be able to form teams of 2 allies, and as you advance in rank you will soon be able to have 3 allies on your team at the same time. Certain combinations of allies give additional "team" bonuses when grouped together correctly, above and beyond the bonuses they already provide.

As you run missions with allies you will accumulate "friend points". Friend points are a numeric representation of how much an ally likes you compared to the other players in the BvS world. If your friend points for an ally reaches one of the top 10 people for that ally you will "hang out" with them the next day. Allies grant special bonuses to people who are hanging out with them such as teaching their jutsus for half price, and opening up special quests. When you hang out with an ally, your friend points will be reset to zero for them and begin accumulating again.

It is important to note that certain allies are unable to help in certain types of missions. If you have an ally that is unable to aid you in a mission or quest that you are currently working on, they will become "disabled" for that task. This doesn't hurt them in any way, it just lets you know that they are not providing you any bonus for the mission/quest that you are currently doing.

Jutsu are ninja powers you learn from allies, that you can use to help overcome missions and other challenges. Often an ability test, mission, or quest will be near impossible (or actually impossible), without the proper use of jutsu. If you find that missions in a rank are too hard, or a special mission is too difficult to beat, you may simply need to find the right jutsu to help you out. It is recommended that you go into the Jutsu menu at the top of the page regularly to see what jutsus are available to learn, and what their effects are. You should always do this when you find a new ally or level a current ally up, as typically there will be new jutsus added with them.

If you are in a village that has the appropriate summoning circle upgrade, you may have the opportunity to tame certain beasts and call them forth later to help you out. Typically to learn one of these summons you must hang out with an ally who knows how to do it. If you are hanging out with the correct ally, a special quest will appear in your Quests menu. Whenever you are hanging out with an ally you should check the quests menu to see if any new summon quests have become available.

Once you unlock the quest to get a particular summon, you must take it and succeed at the tests and requirements. If you succeed at the quest, you will have gained access to that summon for the rest of your season. You may use each of your summons once per day. Various conditions will make a summon leave after you invoke it, such as doing a village attack, spying, or running a certain number of mission.

It is important to note that the quest to gain a new summon will only be available on the day you hang out with the appropriate ally. Once dayroll happens, if you have not begun the quest, it will disappear from the list of available quests.


Bloodlines are the heritage of your character, and with it comes special benefits and powers from that line. Early on you will be asked to choose one of the 3 basic bloodlines for yourself, and it is important to consider the bonuses of each.

Legacy of the Hero - Wearing an ancient eye-patch is the trademark of this bloodline. Descendants from its ranks are known throughout the world for their enduring stamina and their large reserves of spiritual energy. (You will have more stamina and chakra then other characters)

RedEye - Students of the RedEye are ninja who have poked their eye with a stick at a young age. Oddly enough this lasting injury makes them more observant of others ninja arts, and they can often copy then and learn them more quickly then other students. Also those of this lineage learned to pay attention to what they are doing more carefully and learn from lessons more readily. (You will have a chance to learn some jutsu at a reduced cost, and you will earn AP and XP at a faster pace then other characters)

WhiteEye - These ninja never recovered from a nasty eye infection that they got while they were young, leaving their eyes cloudy white in appearance. Despite this appearance they have an uncanny knack for noticing things around them, and find objects and people they are looking for more often then others do. They also have an innate talent for life as a ninja, and generally perform any ninja task slightly better then their counterparts of equal level. (You will get bonuses to finding items/ninja/events in missions, and also gain bonus levels to your skill rolls during such skill tests).

Other Bloodlines - There are other bloodlines besides the base three that it is possible for your character to earn during the game. By unlocking new sections of the game or completing various tasks you can receive additional bloodlines beyond your initial one. These other bloodlines will allow you to access new content or grant you special abilities and bonuses usually related to their area of play. You can have multiple bloodlines, but you can only ever have one of the base 3 bloodlines in any given season.

Core Mechanics

So we've mentioned a bunch of statistics, and if you've looked at your characters info, you'll notice a few numeric values listed on it. In this section we'll explain exactly what those numbers are, what they do, and how they relate to your character and the challenges they face.

You'll frequently here reference in the game to "attempts", which is shorthand for a randomly generated number between a low value and a high value to generate a numeric result.

Ability Tests
The simplest type of skill attempt in the game is an "Ability Test". An ability test will have 3 key parts to it that define the challenge; ability category, difficulty, and successes required. Ability category is for example Genjutsu or Taijutsu, it is the stat that will be used for the particular challenge. Difficulty is how high of a number you must achieve in order to get a success. Successes is the number of success you must get in order to succeed at the ability test.

Example: If you have an ability test that reads the following

Genjutsu: Difficulty 7, Successes 3

It would mean it is a challenge against your Genjustu ability, you need to get a 7 or higher to get a success, and you need to get 3 total successes in order to pass the test. So if you had 8 levels in Genjutsu you would get 8 chances to get 7 or higher - each with a result of 1-10. If 3 of them were 7 or higher, you would pass the ability test.

Opposed Ability Tests
Sometimes instead of trying to reach a set number of successes vs a fixed challenge, you will be in a situation where you are competing against another character. In these instances there will usually be a ability category, and a fixed difficulty, but the number of successes you are trying to reach is simply more then your opponent. So for example if you were in a

Genjutsu: Difficulty 7

opposed ability test vs another character, you would both attempt Genjutsu and the person who got more rolls over 7 would be the winner.

Requirements Tests
Requirement tests are the other major type of test you will find in BvS besides ability tests. They are simply pass or fail conditions that must be met. Of these type of tests there are basically three varieties.

Achievement Test - Simply this is a check to see if you have met some required accomplishment. This could be being a certain level, possessing a certain ally or item, or having completed a certain season or area of the game. If you meet the requirement you automatically pass. Often these are required to even see certain quests appear in your quest menu.

Item Requirement - In these instances you will often be required to have one or more of a specific item to pass the test. Most frequently you will lose these items when you do this step of the quest. So if you needed 5 Kunai to pass a challenge, those kunai would be removed from your inventor when you completed that stage of the test.

Time-Based Tests - These tests require a certain amount of time to have passed in order to progress. This could be a specific amount of Dayrolls or a specific amount of hours from the time you get to that step of the test. If you try to advance before the prerequisite time has passed you will fail the test.

Attributes, Attempt modifiers, and their meanings
Levels - Levels are the number of attempts you get to use on a given test or challenge. The more levels you have the more successes it is possible for you to get in a single try.

Range - Range is the maximum value you can get on a single attempt. Normally a character has a range of 10 at the beginning of the game, generating a number from 1-10 on a given attempt. A character with a range of 12 would get a number from 1-12 on a given attempt, increasing the likelihood of the attempt being a success, and also allowing a character to have a chance of succeeding at a difficulty higher then 10. You can never get a value higher then your range on an attempt.

Strength - Strength is a +1 to your attempt numbers, up to your maximum range (it cannot take you over your range limit.) So if you had a 10 range and you had +2 strength, your possible outcomes for any single attempt would be 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,10,10. Strength greatly improves your chance to succeed at any skill attempts that you make.

Successes - A success gives you an automatic +1 success added to the rest of your attempts on a skill test or challenge. If you had 10 levels, you would attempt each one for successes, and then add +1 to the final result for a success, giving you a possible 11 successes and guaranteeing at least 1. Also if you have enough + successes it is actually possible to beat a test for which you don't have enough range. If you had +3 success, you would automatically win a Difficulty 40, Success 3 challenge, even if you only had a 10 range. All of your attempts from levels would fail, but the +3 successes at the end would give you enough to pass the challenge.

Edge - Edge gives a possible additional attempt every time you naturally succeed an attempt. If you had a Range of 10 and an Edge of 10, every time you get a success, you would get a 10% chance for an attempt/level for that roll. It is important to note that strength does not effect edge at all, so even with a strength of 9 in this example, you would have a 10% chance of edge going off.

As you play BvS your character will progress and become better at the various tasks and challenges in the game. There are several different types of advancement in the game, and they will be each discussed in this section.

Ability Levels - As you go on missions, spar, fight monsters, and perform various other acts, you will gain AP (short for ability points) in the appropriate ability or abilities used. When you gain enough AP your character will gain a level in that ability. Each level costs progressively more AP then the previous level, and there is a maximum level for each ability that can be achieved in a given season. Once you have achieved the maximum level for your season in an ability, you will be unable to gain further levels in that ability without looping to a new season (this will be discussed in its own section).

Character Level - You will often see a single numeric "Level" listed for a character, or hear people refer to someone as being X level. In this case level is simply the sum of your Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu ability levels. If you have 20 in each of these 3 abilities, then your character would be considered level 60.

Jutsu XP - Going on missions and completing other actions will also award your character with Jutsu XP, which can be used to buy new jutsu powers. Jutsu are critical to succeeding at the game, so you should always try to gather a wide variety of jutsu abilities to help you out on missions, quests, and other challenges. Justu XP can also be used to enhance existing jutsu, and purchase other bonuses, depending on the upgrades the village you belong to possesses.

Ranking XP - Most tasks that give Jutsu XP also give Ranking XP. Ranking XP is used to determine how well you did vs other members of your ninja rank on a given day. It cannot be spent on anything, but certain requirement tests require you to earn a certain amount of it, or earn a certain ranking for a day, in order to pass them. For example, you may not be able to advance in a quest, unless you have acquired 300,000 ranking XP so far today, or you are one of today's "Top 3" ninja in your rank.

Arena Points - Every time you fight an opponent in the arena, you are awarded a number of points based on your level vs theirs, and whether you won or lost the fight. These points can be used to purchase permanent items, which are crucial to the eventual advancement of your character. You should always use your free arena fights every day, and consider spending a little Ryo or using a consumable to get a few more, if you want to hurry your advancement along.

Seasons - Once you have advanced your character far enough, you will open up a Quest to loop to another season. Beginning a new season opens up new areas of play, lets your character run missions on a higher difficulty, and increases the maximum level any of your abilities can reach. However you may wish to complete as many things as possible before moving on to a new season, as sometimes rushing forward without finishing what is currently available can work to your disadvantage. More about seasons will be discussed in the looping section.

Areas of Play

Missions are the most basic and core element of BvS play. Once you begin your ninja career you will be asked to complete missions of varying difficulty and be rewarded with experience and Ryo for completing them successfully. A mission is a test in which you will have a Difficulty and Success rating which you must beat in your attempts to pass. Sometimes missions will have more then one ability requirement, and in those cases you must pass all of the listed requirements in order to succeed. For example a mission might require the following:

Taijutsu Difficulty: 5 Successes: 3

Genjutsu Difficulty: 4 Successes: 4

You would need to make a test against your Taijutsu ability and your Genjutsu ability and pass both in order to succeed at the mission. You can access missions buy going into the Missions menu at the top of the page.

In the beginning you will only be able to go on D-Rank missions, but as you pass your ninja exams and rise to higher ninja ranks you will be able to go on C, B, and A rank missions. Higher ranked missions are more difficult to pass, but you receive greater rewards for completing them. Depending on how far you advance your rank, and what upgrades the village you are a part of has, you may have even more levels of missions to attempt.

In addition to gaining experience and Ryo, missions are the most common place for you to find various items and helpful allies to aid your in your journey towards becoming the greatest anime ninja ever! Often if you are missing an item or an ally needed for a Quest or for advancement, you simply need to run missions in the correct area until you find the one that gives what you need as a reward. Keep in mind that most things that you can find in a mission have a certain chance to drop, and are not automatically received the first time you complete the mission. You may need to succeed at the same mission several times before finally finding the secret item or ally that it contains.

Quests are special missions or challenges that unlock under certain conditions for your character. When you meet the requirements to advance to the next ninja rank, for example, a quest will appear when you have gained enough levels to take your chunin exam (Rank 2). Quests grant all sorts of rewards varying from permanent items that enhance your characters powers, giving you new allies, or opening up entire new areas of play. You can see what quests are available by going into the Quests menu at the top of the page.

If you can't figure out what to do next, checking your quest screen to see if something new has unlocked is always a good start. Some quests also only happen on certain days of the week, or in certain months (Holidays for example), so you should make sure to check your quest screen at least once a day.

Quests often have multiple steps each that you must complete before finishing them. Each step costs your character 10 stamina, and may present you with an Ability Test, Requirement Test, or Timed Test. If you fail a step you will stay on that step and do not need to restart the entire quest from the beginning. However if you abandon a quest, you will begin at the first step the next time you attempt it. Currently you can only be in the middle of one quest at a given time. If you would like to do a different quest, you must complete or abandon the one you are currently working on.

Sparring is a way you can have a quick fight with one of your ninja buddies and get a little experience for the effort. It costs 5 stamina to engage in a sparing match with someone on your sparing list, a random ability is selected, and you each make an attempt using your appropriate stats in that ability. After the attempt is made, the number of successes are compared and the ninja with more successes is the winner. Both sides will receive experience base on the ability that was used and the level of both participants. Winning of course will grant more experience then losing, but you always get something for the effort. Also after so many spars you receive other bonuses, such as a bit of extra stamina. A wise ninja does not ignore the importance of sparring. You can access your sparing list by clicking on the Spar menu at the top of the page.

In order to have sparring partners to fight with, you must first add them to your sparring list. For 100 Ryo you can add the name of another player in the game whom you'd like to spar with. They must also add you to their list however, so randomly adding people will not be very effective. It is suggested you ask your friends, or fellow villagers in game in order to find sparing partners, so they are aware you are adding them.

**Note: Capitalization counts when adding a name. If you don't capitalize the persons name correctly, it won't work. Example: SuperNinja, Superninja, and superninja are not considered the same when entering a players name for sparing, searching, sending a message, or any other activity that requires you to specifically type in a name.

The arena is a place where you can have quick fights with randomly selected other ninja in the game. Typically you will fight someone of similar ninja rank and season, but sometimes you get a truly random opponent. You gain arena points for playing in these matches, and there are special bonuses for defeating certain types of opponents such as village leaders, or winning more then a certain amount of fights in one day. You will start with an amount of free fights each day, and you can spend Ryo to buy more fights. However the cost of each buy is 4 times the cost of the previous buy-in, so it gets expensive quickly. Certain things may give you more free fights each day, or even increase the number of fights you get each buy-in.

The Arena points that you earn in these matches can be saved up and spent on various rewards that you will see in the Arena screen. There are many important permanent items and upgrades to be bought with your hard won arena points, so it is suggested that you always at least play your free fights each day. Also it is recommended that you save up and purchase permanent items to enhance your character from this section rather then always using up all your points on consumable potions and one time bonuses. If you're not sure what the most important items to get are, remember BvS is a massive multiplayer game and there are many helpful people who are willing to offer guidance to those just starting out on their journey.

Bingo Book - Bingoing is a way for one character in BvS to engage in a one on one fight with another character in an attempt to incapacitate them. Being bingoed has several drawbacks and is a representation of that character being seriously hurt for awhile.

To bingo an enemy ninja, several things must be in place. First you must be in a village that is in the Ninja World War and your village must have a spy in the village of the ninja you wish to bingo. You must then proceed to the bingo screen from the village page, and select the village you wish to search for a target.

While in the bingo screen of the village you selected, you will see a list of ninja, ordered by level, in which you can attempt to track. Each ninja has a difficulty and a ability that will be required to attempt in order to track them. The greater the level difference between you and the targeted ninja, the more difficult the track will be. It costs you 50 stamina to attempt to track a ninja, and once you click the button you are committed to the attempt until you succeed or fail.

Once you successfully track your target, you may choose to begin your fight with them. Losing this fight will get you bingoed yourself, but winning will reward you with AP/XP and Style points. Style points are used in certain quests, and can be spent for various other things in BvS.

Each ninja begins the fight with their level in hit points (HP) +/- modifiers. The fight will progress through rounds of ability tests, where the number of successes +/- modifiers is subtracted from the opponents HP, until one of the ninjas HP falls below 0. In the case that both attacker and defender go below 0 on the same round, the attacker is considered to have won.

Each round a random ability (Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, or Taijutsu) will be selected, and the two combatants will attempt their abilities against that to see how many successes they get. Each round the difficulty goes up for the attacker, making it harder and harder to get successes the longer the fight goes on. Also the attacker will lose 1 HP each round from dodging village defenses.

The attacking ninja will have access to their jutsu to aid in their attempts, and certain jutsu have special effects just for bingoing. Also certain jutsu grant special rewards if they are used on the round of the killing blow of your opponent.

When you fight your enemy, you must chose how seriously you want to injure them. A normal bingo (or a "soft" bingo) only bingos your enemy for 2 hours. You gain full style for this type of bingo, and can also get other bonuses from items and allies. A hard bingo lasts for one hour per level of your victim. A level 48 enemy will be bingoed for 48 hours - two days! If you chose to hard bingo your enemy, YOU GET NOTHING - no style, no bonuses. The only thing you get is the satisfaction of hurting an enemy and preventing them from doing certain actions.

Hard Bingoes are rare. You must have Attack permissions to perform a Hard Bingo, and doing so breaks any Peacetime bonus your village may have.

Bingoes can be used to 'discourage' other villages from messing with you or, if used in tandem with other players, lock them out of patrolling so they become weak and ripe for the picking

Being Bingoed - Getting bingoed means that your character has been injured, either by being ambushed by another ninja, or failing at some dangerous task like attacking or trying to bingo another ninja. While your character is bingoed there are some penalties and restrictions on what you can do:

- You will not be able to do village chores. However, if you have already done one of these things for the day (such as patrolling), being Bingoed will not cancel your action

- You will not be able to Attack or Spy on other villages

- You will not be able to bingo anyone else

The amount of time that you stay bingoed depends on how it happened:

- If you leave a bingo attempt, you will be bingoed for 24 hours

- If you fail in an attempt to attack or raid another village, and they have creepy traps, you will be bingoed for 24 hours

- If you fail a bingo attempt you will be bingoed for 36 hours, plus or minus 2 hours

- If you are hard bingoed by another ninja, the bingo lasts 2 hours for each of your levels plus or minus 2 hours

- If you are bingoed by another ninja, it only lasts 2 hours regardless of level.

- If you are soft bingoed because you failed a tracking attempt, it only takes 15 minutes to recover

The amount of time remaining until you recover from a bingo is displayed on your character's main page and the village page. There are two ways to get out of being bingoed: you can let the timer expire, or you can cure the bingo outright using special consumable items. Even if you cure a bingo outright, however, you will still need to rest for a few hours before you can Attack or Spy on other villages. This does not happen if you let the timer run out.

Some items, rather than actually curing a bingo, will run down your timer more quickly. If one of these items causes your timer to run out completely then the bingo ends, but you do not have to rest like you would if you had just cured yourself.

**Note** There are rumors that sometimes you can bingo yourself in a way that can't be cured. Even if this happens, the timer will still run out as normal, but you'll have to wait for that to happen.

The Shop
The Shop is the place in BvS where you can buy yourself some new gear, sell off some unneeded items, and appraise unknown treasures from places like the wastelands. Various village upgrades will grant discounts on items, and make other permanent items available for sale in the shop. It is important to note that certain special sellable items change in value from day to day, so you may want to watch the fluctuations a bit before selling them off. These fluctuating items will have a special notation by their name letting you know that they are of this type.

The shop is also the place where you can upload a custom picture for your character.

Do you have what it takes to be a reaper of souls? Perhaps finding the right item(s) and making the right ally friends will unlock a new path for you to tread. Becoming a reaper will open up a new area for you to explore, with its own set of missions and secrets. You will gain new allies, find new items, go on new quests, learn new jutsu, and even have the chance to gain new bloodlines and powers.

The world of the reaper is a different place, and many of your old allies and jutsu will be of no help to you there. You will have to gain new allies, and learn new jutsu powers to make your way through this strange world. You will find however that there are a few special allies found in other sections of the game, that are able to accompany you here and join you on your adventures.

It will be a difficult path to follow, and many of your most trusted companions and powers will be left on the sidelines, but if you can conquer the spirit realm, and make the power of the soul reapers your own, you will become a much greater force to be reckoned with.

There once was a Village Leader so great, and so driven to gain strength, that his pursuit of ultimate power consumed an entire village upon his achieving it. All that remains of that once proud village is a smoldering wasteland. But amongst the ruins there lies many secrets, and lost treasures to be recovered.

Will you be able to find a guide, and pay his price to take you into the wastelands? Once you are there will you be able to survive the unforgiving, endless, disorienting wastes?

If you do you will unlock a new area to explore, complete with its own mission set and quests. You will find new allies and learn new powers in the wastelands, if you are able to survive its challenges. You will find that your ninja jutsu powers are much more difficult to use in this land, consuming many times the chakra to generate the same effect. Most of your old allies will not follow you into this desolate place, and with your jutsu powers so limited, you will quickly learn that you need to find new companions and learn new jutsu to survive in this hostile land.

Note: You will also find that the nature of this place saps your strength and any boost to this stat you posses will be of no use to you here.

Not all the work of a ninja is proud work, but someone has to keep the Sannin fat and happy, and someone has to burn up that mystery meat and get it onto the bun. If your short on cash, you fear death and dismemberment in normal missions, or you want to know what REALLY goes into those value meals, then perhaps a career at burgerninja is for you! Start your own minimum wage journey into success today!

Doujutsu - Burgerninja uses a brand new ability called Doujutsu. Doujutsu is similar to Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu, in that it will be used to pass ability tests in the same way that they are. Most of your items that affect abilities by adding levels, strength, range, success, etcetera, will not aid your Doujutsu skill. You will find various items throughout your Burgerninja missions that you can eat to help your skills temporarily. It is essential that you master the use of your appetite and these items if you wish to complete Burgerninja successfully.

Like other areas of play you will find that most of your current allies cannot help you in the land of Burgerninja (really they just don't want to work your crappy McJob with you.) You will find new allies, jutsu and items that help you specifically with Burgerninja and Doujutsu.

Note: Unlike your Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu levels, you will retain your Doujutsu levels from season to season. So if you build up your Doujutsu to level 20, and then loop, you will still have level 20 Doujutsu at the start of your new season. You will however have to regain any lost allies and jutsu from Burgerninja again in your new season, if you wish to use them again.

Ever get the feeling that life is really a game? Like all the events that take place, and all of the challenges put before your path, are really some cruel machination of some demented computer AI? What if you could hack into the code, and manipulate it to your advantage? Do you have the power and the ability to bend this electronic world to your own desires?

R00t is an area of play accessible to characters in a village that has performed the quest to unlock it. It is a new type of area where rather then gaining AP and XP for running missions, you will search through the fields hidden in the code stream to find Core and Bits. Core and Bits are the currency of R00t and you will need them to power up your character and advance through the various sections in it.

Keys - In order to explore R00t, you need to find and unlock new keys. You start with 3, but will need to unlock others through various methods in order to progress further. Each "Field" is a combination of 3 word keys. Each key is specifically a 1st word key, 2nd word key, or 3rd word key, and they will only appear in their appropriate pull down menu when changing fields. When you mix the keys in different combinations, you go to different fields. Due to the volatile nature of R00t, what you find in each field will change from day to day. However there are some special important fields that are always the same.

Recompiling - You will find that R00t gets extremely challenging very quickly. In order to progress in r00t it will be necessary to "Recompile" your character to become more powerful. To do this you must find a special Field, where you can trade Core to improve your characters statistics in r00t. As you continue to improve your character, the cost gets higher and higher. Also it is important to note, that these recompiling bonuses, only help you while in r00t, and not in other areas of play.

One final note on r00t, and that is that it is extremely difficult, and intended for those who have already progressed through much of the BvS content. It is probably wise to have gathered as much power, and as many items as possible before trying to complete R00t. While anyone who can pass the initial quest can start r00t, only the truly seasoned and prepared, can hope to overcome all of the challenges it has to offer.

Robo Fighto
What could be more fun then suiting up in set of robo armor and smashing your fellow ninja? The thrill of the fight, the roar of the crowd, the thud of cardboard suited gladiators clashing! Glory awaits you in the robo fighto arena!

Robo fighto lets ninja suit up in pieces of armor that they have found in the game, or won in various robo fighto tournements. Contestants pay Ryo to enter to win more robo armor pieces and other fabulous prizes.

Robo fighto has a series of tournaments that take place at fixed times during the day or week. Each contestant tries to lock in the best score that they can, and at the time of the tournament the winners with the highest score(s) win the prize.

The way you try to get the highest score and win a tournament, is by equipping the best robo parts you have for that particular tournament, and making a skill attempt with the levels and stats that your robo suit provides you. After your first attempt you may choose to try again and have the next attempt added to your score, but there is a percentage chance that you fail the roll and lose your earned score so far. You can keep pushing for higher and higher scores, but if you fail, you go back to 0 and have to start another attempt. Each tournament has a limit to how many attempts you my try before you are locked out of that tournament.

The tournaments have varying rules and Ryo costs, and it's recommended that you start out with lower level tournaments such as the "Naked" ones that don't require you to have advanced robo parts in order to get started. Some villages have upgrades that provide you with an amount of free Robo Fight Ryo, that you can use each day, and you should always take advantage of this by using it somewhere (hey, it's free). Certain items that you can find in the game, can also be used in robo fighto as robo parts, and can significantly help you on your way to becoming a robo fighto champion.

OMG! Your Village Leader's Nonja experimentation has gone horrible wrong, and now mindless zombie automatons have gone from collecting resources to trying to eat the brains of your villagers! You and your fellow villagers are going to have to team up and go all Ninja on their behinds! Can you defeat the horde before they descend upon your village?

Zombjas is a sub game that is played as a team by an entire village. It is begun by the Leaders of villages who have the necessary upgrades, and then plays out over a series of days, where the village either wins or loses as a team.

YOU WIN IF: You clear the entire map of Zs and Zettas and destroy the Zombulator, sending the Zombjas from whence they came.

YOU LOSE IF: Zombjas make it to the bottom row of the map (your village) and remain there for a set period of time. Alternately if the map lasts for too many days, your village will also lose.

A zombja map can be started from the village menu by the Leader. Your village must have at least one nonja as well as the required resource cost in order to begin a map. There will be a selection menu that allows the Village Leader to select from difficulties ranging from easy to hard. Your village must complete a zombja map at each level of difficulty in order to unlock the next difficulty level. The difficulty level will determine how large of a grid map the game will take place on, as well as effect things such as the spawn rate of Z's, the likelihood of getting infected, and how many Zettas can form in a square.

Once the map has been started, each villager will need to click on the "Zombja Battle" link on their village page, and "Enter the map". Once you do this you will begin on the "V" marker on the map, which is the first row of your village, and the place you are trying to prevent the zombjas from reaching. The "Z" at the top of the map is the gate with the Zombulator in it, which you are trying to destroy and close. Each square to the left and right of the gate in the top row is a rift, which generates more Zs each hour during the night to march toward your village (Zombja Night = 7P-6A BST).

The Map starts pre-populated with a number of Zs and Zettas based on the difficulty level of the map, and Zs march down from the top of the map each hour and try to get to the bottom row of your village. They are a bit slow so there is only a small chance each hour that they move down one square. Also when Zs get to the last few rows of your village, they march slower to give the players a fighting chance to defend themselves.

Each player will begin the map with 50 AP (action points) plus any additional points you have accrued since the map was started. Players regain ZAP at the rate of 1 per 15 minutes. However you can only store up to 150 ZAP before they stop accruing, so you should make sure to check back at least daily to use your actions.

For 1 ZAP you can do the following:

- Attack some Zs

- Attack a Zetta

- Move one square (diagonal is ok - Moving also costs 2 stamina)

- Heal some HP at a hospital

- Disinfect at a hospital

- Search the area (10% chance that this does not take an ZAP)

- Equip a new weapon

Every time you take an action, all of the Zombjas in your square will get an attack against you.

Attacking Zs - Zs are mindless and mashable. Every time you attack you destroy at least 1 of them, and weapons can greatly increase the number killed per swing. For example when wielding the "11Saber" you will kill 11d11 + 11 Zs per attack.

Attacking Zettas - Zettas are special zombies that can only be taken down one at a time. You have a 10% base chance of killing a Zetta, but again weapons can greatly enhance this chance. If you succeed you will kill 1 of that type of Zetta in the square.

Moving - You can move in any direction unless the square you are in is occupied by Zombjas. If there are Zombjas in your square, you can only move in the 3 downward directions. Moving does not give the Zombjas in your square a counter attack, so running away is always safe.

Health and Damage - You begin with 100 HP, and Zombjas cannot damage you unless they slow you down by infecting you first. If you are infected then Zs in your square have a chance to damage you on their attacks, which reduces your HP. As your HP get lower and lower you begin fighting with penalties, and eventually cannot even use a weapon. If you reach 0 HP you are no longer able to attack, and stop gaining ZAP until your HP is brought back above 0. It is wise to get disinfected as soon as possible to avoid becoming stranded in a square full of Zombjas.

Infection Penalties:

-If you are wielding a weapon you lose 5 HP per attack you make

-Less then 80HP -- you are at -5% Zetta kill and -1 Zs killed per attack

-Less then 60HP -- you are at -10% Zetta kill and -2 Zs killed per attack

-Less then 40HP -- you are too wounded to effectively wield a weapon

Hospitals and Healing - At a hospital you can spend 1 ZAP to disinfect yourself or heal yourself for 5 HP. You can also spend 1 ZAP to restock your medic supplies if you have that skill. Your village begins the map with one hospital at location 0,0 which is the same place all players begin the map. Others may be built later on through the use of the Engineer skill.

Bunkers - Players with the digger skill are able to place bunkers on a square that protects the ninja there from the zombja march. Zs can still march into a square with a bunker, but they will not get an attack on any of the ninja there. Note that Zombjas will still counter attack if you attack them or take other actions though. Also you may grab some "BargainBars" from the bunker which are a weak weapons to bash Zombjas with, but still beat the heck out of using your bare hands.

Teleporters - Teleporters may be built by players with the Digger 3 skill, on a square that doesn't already have another structure. Whenever a player is in the same column as a teleporter (directly above, any amount of spaces), they may spend 2 AP and 10 HP to YANK back to the teleporter. You always move to the closest teleporter, and you must be directly in the same column as the teleporter is in to be able to use it. YANK is in the special high ZP actions link.

Equipment - There are a variety of weapons to be found that can assist you in your mass killing of Zombjas. Each weapon will have the following values:

Z-Kill: (the attempt to see how many Zs you kill in one attack)

Zetta-Kill: (the % chance you have to kill 1 Zetta of that type in an attack)

Break Chance: (the chance that your weapon breaks and you lose it)

(if you break a weapon you will automatically equip a duplicate one of the same time if you have it for no ZAP cost)

Terrain Map Squares - There are several types of regular map squares on the grid and each has a different selection of what can be found there.

- Village -- Your home and the place of the last stand. You can find a lot of low powered weapons easily here.

- Collection Fields -- Rocks, gardening, and lawn maintenance tools can be found here.

- Forrest -- Rocks, Branches, and handy wood cutting tools can be found here.

- Mountains -- Rocks and digging equipment can be found here.

- Wastelands -- Creepy science stuff can be found here.

Special Map Squares -

- Ramen Shop -- Here you have a small chance to find "Manly Ramen" which is an item that will allow you to disinfect yourself up to a maximum of 3 times per day. The Ramen is used up when you do this, so you would need 3 separate Ramens, to be able to use it the maximum 3 times per day. Also various implements of Zombja destruction can be found here.

- Arms Depot -- A fine selection of guns can be found here, for all of your Zombja slaying needs.

- Rifts -- These line the top of the map, and are where the new Zs are spewing forth from. Also they are guarded by "Thumpers" which are special Zettas that can slap a hurting on you even if you are not infected.

- Gate -- This is where the heart of the Zombja infestation lies, the Zombulator. It is the goal of the map to destroy the Zombulator and end the Zombja invasion. The Zombulator cannot be damaged unless the entire map is cleared of Zs and Zettas first.

Zettas - There are several types of special Zombjas known as Zettas that you will face during a game of Zombjas. Zettas form when a large group of Zs collect in one place and are left alone for a few marches. Each has their own special ability.

- Barglers -- Every time you take an action, there is a chance that each bargler in the square will barf up 8 more Zs. You don't want these guys hanging around long.

- Thrillers -- Every time you take an action, there is a chance that each thriller can "thrill" you and cost you an additional ZAP. A few of these in a square can take down your ZAP in a hurry.

- Noms -- Every time you take an action, there is a chance that they "Nom" you. While you are nommed you may not take any action other then attacking the Noms. You will not be un-nommed until all the Noms in the square are killed.

- Thumpers -- Every time you take an action, there is a chance that the thumper hits you for a bunch of HP damage, even if you are not infected. In addition when you are trying to kill them there is a 60% chance that they just shrug off a successful attack against them.

- Zombulator -- This massive Zetta takes 10 hits to kill, and has a chance each action to throw you back to the other side of the map.

ZP and Z-Skills - Every Z and Zetta you kill gets you ZP, which can be used to purchase or upgrade Z-Skills. It costs 100 ZP to buy a level 1 skill, 200 ZP to buy level 2 in a skill, and so forth up to Level 5. However once you have a level 5 skill additional level 5 skills cost 500 + 500 for every OTHER level 5 skill that you already have, up to a maximum of 5000 per Level 5 skill. Your ZP and Z-skills carry over from one map to the next, as well as remaining through a character season loop.

- Immune -- 10% chance per level to dodge infections

- Healthy -- +20 max HP, +1 HP healed at hospitals per level

- Toughness -- 10% less damage per level from Zs when infected, at level 5 also reduces Thumper damage

- Perceptive -- 10% bonus chance per level to search for free

- Sniper -- 5% bonus chance per level to your Zetta-Kill

- Thorough -- +1 Z killed per level

- Cleave -- +1d3 Z killed per level when you kill a Zetta, +15% chance per level to kill an additional Zetta of the same type

- Speedy -- -1 minute per ZAP refresh per level

- Medic -- May Heal (Disinfect + 10HP) another person for 12 ZAP (Minus 2 ZAP per medic level) twice per level. 5% chance per level to dodge counter attacks when healing others

- Digger - May build one bunker at Level 1 (5 ZAP), A teleporter at level 3 (10 ZAP), and a second bunker at level 5. Also gives 2% bonus success on searching per level.

- Engineer - May sonar ping map for 5 ZAP (2 square range per level), and may build one hospital at Level 5 (10 ZAP).

- Gardener - May plant DayMines and NightMines on the map for 12 ZAP minus 2 ZAP per level in skill. Also may pull veggies which can be eaten to restore HP.

- Runner - 5% chance per level to not spend ZAP while moving.

- Careful - 3% less break chance on weapons per level (1% Minimum)

- Jumpy - 3% chance per level to avoid Zombja counterattack.


You can plant up to 10 Mines per square.
All mines must be of the same type.
DayMines are only active 7A-7P, NightMines 7P-7A.
Mines explode if Zs step on them, costing you 1 mine and killing 1-4 Zs.
When 1 mine explodes, an announcement is put on the map for the next 12 hours, and a 1-Range Sonar Ping is done.


Veggies may only be pulled by Gardeners.
Pulling 1 Veggie costs 10 minus Level ZAP. (So 5 ZAP at Level 5 skill)
Veggies may be pulled in the bottom 20*Level% of the Map.
Gardeners may have up to 2*Level Veggies.
Veggies may be eaten at any time.
Veggies give 5 HP per Veggie.
Veggies may also have random (mostly good) side effects (currently disabled).

All 4 One Bonus:

If Exactly 4 players are in one square - Bonus: 25% Chance to Dodge Infection, and attacks with Pistols and Shotguns equipped have a 50% chance of not consuming ZAP.

The Square Bonus:

If 8 or more players are in one square - Bonus: The square is considered to have a bunker for purpose of marching Zombjas.


- ZombAway does NOT give Free ZAP, nor does it last over Dayroll. it gives actions where moving doesn't cost Stamina as well as ZAP.
- You must
be in a Village when it launches a Zombja Attack to participate. Leave, and you are done.
- Your Z-Rewards are not linked to your Village - if you move to a different Village, you keep them.
- Mines don't give ZP, and aren't 'worth it' in terms of ZAP to plant vs. kill. Mines are used primarily as 'Early Warning' Systems. If you see a mine go off, that is probably a Bad Thing. However, at high levels, you can lock down a horde of Zs for not too much. However, nothing beats a golf bag full of Shotguns and a bad attitude.
- By yourself, you can't do much against the Horde. Teamwork!
- Make sure to have some people stand guard on the edges - the maps are pretty wide, and Zs can slip through.
- Get some weapons - there's a number of good weapons out there that can really mess up the Horde.
- Specialize: always have some players with some Thorough levels to wax the sparse, early Zs. Having at least one runner with max Engineer can be a lifesaver - drill through the map and drop a Hospital for great justice.

YOU ONLY HAVE A CERTAIN NUMBER OF DAYS TO BEAT A MAP BEFORE EPIC FAIL. That is 4 times the 'Size' of your map (4,5,7). at 3 times, zombja get a lot harder. at 4, you lose.


Fighting WorldKaiju
Worldkaiju are fought by the entire playerbase at one time. Depending on how much damage you do, you will earn Emblems, which can be traded in for prizes.

Redeeming Emblems
Emblems are spent on prizes based on their Rank. If you already have a certain amount of that Rank's prize, an alternate prize may appear.

Party House

Tip Line
The Tip Line is a place where you can go to get hints about things in the BvS universe. It can get you clues about how to pass certain content, and get past more difficult sections of the game. It is free to use for new players, but after you advance some seasons it costs you 2500 Ryo to get a hint. If there are no hints available for your character at the time, the cost will be refunded.

Juice Bar
The Juice bar is a place where you spend some Ryo to drink special "juices" that help your character in various ways. These effects can be anything from a little additional stamina, increased Kaiju damage during monster fights, to increased chances for allies to level up or drop items. Based on your season you will have a tolerance. If you go over your tolerance for the day, you will have some penalties for the next day for over doing it on the juice. Juice bonuses only last for the remainder of the day.

First Loser
First Loser is a game where the goal is to actually become the "Runner-Up". Each day a random prize is selected as well as a random number of "1st place" winners. Each first place winner receives a Kunai, and the first runner up receives the "Runner-Up" prize. Anyone who is not a "1st place" winner receives their bet back minus a 5% fee. A player may bet any amount between 500 Ryo and the maximum amount they have. The point of the game is to try to be the first person who is NOT a 1st place winner.

Prize Wheel
The prize wheel lets players pay an amount of Ryo to spin on the wheel and win a prize. Each time you play the cost to play increases, making each successive attempt more expensive then the last. Each day there is a Super Rare prize that cycles through from day to day from 5 different prizes. You can win common, uncommon, rare, and super rare prizes on the wheel.

Ninja Jackpot
Ninja Jackpot is a slot machine, where the player pays Ryo to spin the reels and try to match up like symbols. There are 5 colored rows, and the player can chose to play any number of them by checking the boxes before spinning. Each Row costs a certain amount of Ryo, and typically your odds of winning some prize are best if you play all 5 rows. There is a prize list on the Ninja Jackpot screen detailing what you win for each combination of symbols that come up.

11DBHK's Lottery lets players buy raffle tickets to try and win rare golden items. Players can buy as many tickets as they can afford to, but only one is selected as the winner at the end of the day. There are also a number of Runner-Up prizes depending on how many tickets were purchased that day. Runner-Ups receive a golden potion as a prize.

Tsukiball is a game modeled after arcade skee-ball. The player has 9 balls to try and score as many points as they can. They can select whether they want to "Play it Safe", "Aim High", or "Go for Broke!", with each one being more difficult to succeed at, but having a higher possible top score. With each game the player plays, there is a chance that they gain a TsukiBall level. The higher the players level is, the better their chance of getting the highest possible score in the area they select. For every 20 points over 100 the player gets, they receive 1 ticket. Tickets can be traded for various consumable prizes on the Tsukiball screen.

The Big Board
The Big Board is a competitive game where 100 players pay Ryo to compete for a 100,000 Ryo prize. Each contestant picks 5 numbers between 1 and 500 and the goal is to be the highest number that no one else also picked. If 2 or more people picked the same number then the next highest number is checked. The trick is to try and select a number that is low enough that not everyone else picked it, but still high enough to be the winner. Games are resolved as soon as there are 100 buy-ins for the current game, and then a new game begins.

Scratchy tickets are essentially instant lottery tickets that you buy for a fixed amount of Ryo. You scratch off 3 spots, either all at once or one at a time, and if the 3 symbols match, you win a prize. For an additional cost you can upgrade to a "SuperTicket" which gives you a bonus line on the bottom to also scratch. with a SuperTicket you have a chance to win 2x or 3x of the prize you revealed, and also have the ability to win a few special prizes that can only be won on a SuperTicket.

Darts is a competitive game amongst the ninja in the same village. Whoever has the highest score at the end of the day will get 100 stamina (or number of plays divided by 3 up to a max of 200, whichever is greater) the next day. The player plays by throwing groups of items at the dart board such as 3x Kunai, or 3x Shuriken. There is no Ryo cost, but the items used to throw at the dart board are lost. Different items have different score modifiers or bonuses when used, you'll have to experiment to see what items can be used to play darts with. The items used for darts, are collected and sold at their shop sell value, and the proceeds are donated to the village.

Party Room
The party room is a place where you can go to party with your teammates. You can select 3 different party levels at varying Ryo costs and have a party with your team. Each party will gain you friend points with your current teammates as well as gain you some ranking XP toward your daily total. The more expensive parties have a greater effect on both friend points and daily ranking XP. After every 2 parties however the price to party goes up by multiples, so it can get pretty expensive to party pretty quickly if you keep doing it.

Crane Game
The crane game is a giant claw machine where you can try to win prizes that the village leader puts into it. There are various difficulty levels that have progressively worse odds of winning. The village leader decides what difficulty each prize will be set at, and how much it costs to play one time. There will randomly be one prize showing for each of the difficulty levels that have items stocked in them. You are playing for the item that is showing for the difficulty you select. After each play the items showing in each difficulty are randomly changed to another item stocked in that level. A portion of the Ryo spent in the crane is given to the village as donations.

Over 11,000
Over 11,000 is a game where you are trying to increase a hidden number to over 11,000 by buying entries. Every time you buy an entry the number is increased by 11. Every 11 entries you buy in the same game on the same day increases in cost. Whoever pushes the number over 11,000 wins the prize. Once the prize is won, the game randomly selects a new number between 1 and 10,999 and the game begins again. If you buy 11 entries at once, there a 1 in 11 chance to win a special prize, even if you don't win the game.

SNAKEMAN or NO SNAKEMAN is a typically gameshow type game, where you have to chose to accept a prize, or keep trying to get a better prize with a risk of losing. It costs 26 Billy Buckets (item in the game) to begin a game. There are 25 different prizes and one SNAKEMAN hidden in each of the buckets and mixed up. At the beginning of the game you select the bucket you think SNAKEMAN is in. Then you have to pick a certain number of buckets 1 at a time, and each is removed from the game. At the end of that fixed number of buckets, the RNG will offer you a Ryo prize to quit the game.

If you take it, you get the money and the game is over. If you refuse the offer you have to then pick another fixed number of buckets 1 at a time, and they are removed. If at any time you pick the SNAKEMAN bucket the game is over. The more high value prizes that are left uncovered, the better the offers from the RNG will be. If you get down to 2 buckets left, you can choose to open the bucket and take what is inside, or burn your bucket in the fire. If SNAKEMAN is in your bucket and you burn it, you get a special potion which is very helpful to villages (and also good for trading or selling on the market).

Mahjong rules are fully covered in their own section: Mahjong Rules >

In Roulette, You can bet Ryo or an Item on numbers, then spin the wheel to see what you win! You can place multiple bets on numbers, and bet them all with a single spin. Spinning 11 automatically wins all bets.

SUPERFAIL is a cumulative dice game. Each time you play, a portion of your entry fee is added to the Share, either Ryo or RP. Over 11 attempts you roll dice, and as long as you keep getting scoring amounts, your score for that attempt grows. Miss, though, and get nothing! If you get the highest total score for a six-hour period, you get half the Share! Anyone who banked a single amount higher than the one listed also gets a portion of the other half of the Share, based on the entry type they used. Scoring dice combinations are listed on the game page.

Consolation Tickets are earned for every set of 10, 50, and 100 balls you fire at once. For example, firing 110 balls would get you 14 tickets - +11 for 11 10's, +2 for 2 50's, and +1 for 1 100.


Once your character reaches a certain point in their advancement, you will receive the option to "loop" your character into a new season. This will reset your character back to a level 6 genin, but you will keep many of your powerful items, as well as some of your abilities you earned in your previous season. Looping also unlocks "Themes" and the ability to "crank" missions which makes them harder for better rewards. Also there are new things that become unlocked with later seasons, and certain content that gives different bonuses based on which base bloodline you were when you completed it (so you can complete it in a new season with a new bloodline and get another bonus/ability that you keep.) Every time you advance in season your level cap increases by 2, which is the maximum level you can gain in abilities such as Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu. So in each progressive season you can become more powerful then the season before. Also some content cannot be completed, or even started until you reach a certain season or later.

When looping it is important to note, that not all items will move with you to a new season. Many quest items, and certain other consumables will be lost when you loop, though you can gain them again as you progress through your new season. It is wise to sell off what you can of the items that will be lost, to make the most of them.

One final note on looping, is that often in your first few seasons, it pays to complete as much of the content as you can before looping. There are many things to be gained, and it is wise to get as much as you can out of each season early on. Though also if there is some content that is just excessively hard, and you are having a hard time beating it, it might make sense to loop and come back to it in a new season when you've gained more power.

Trophies and Awesome

There are various accomplishments in the game that will grant you trophies. These trophies in turn grant you a certain amount of points of "Awesome". Awesome points can be spent on special abilities that improve your character in various ways. Awesome abilities loop with you, and you always keep what Awesome points you have earned. Most Awesome abilities have multiple levels, and it is important to note, that each level costs the amount of awesome points listed, in addition to previous levels. So if you purchase a level 1 Awesome ability for 10 points, and level 2 costs 30 points, then it would take a total of 40 Awesome points to buy the level 2 in that Awesome ability.

As your needs and wants may change over time, there is the opportunity to change what awesome abilities you have purchased. In order to give you a chance to buy different abilities to replace the ones that you have, you may opt to do a "restat" of your Awesome points. Note that it costs a lot of Ryo, so you should chose your Awesome abilities with great care.


Villages are central to ninja life. While you are not required to become part of a village, you will find advancing without one very difficult, and some areas of the game will be inaccessible to you. A village is a collection of 2-50 ninja who work together for the betterment of all. In a village you will be able to go up in ninja rank past chunin, and access areas of play that you would otherwise be locked to you.

While a village grants many bonuses from its upgrades, keep in mind that in return you will need to help out with some various tasks, and aid in the growth of your village. You will also pay a portion of your mission Ryo in taxes towards the villages coffers. In general the advantages of being in a village greatly outweigh the small tasks asked of you in return.

If you go to the village tab on your minimenu, you will have various options in selecting a village. If you are a genin there is even an option to select a random village, which will place you automatically in a village accepting wandering genin. If you apply to a village it is recommended that you take a moment to write a brief sentence or two in your application. If you can't be bothered to take the time to write an application, it gives the impression that you are unlikely to take the time to be useful in the village either, and it's very possible that your application will not be accepted.

There is a limit of 50 ninjas per village, so if you apply to one that is already full, you may end up waiting quite awhile for a spot to open up. If you are unsure as to which village to apply to, you can go to the forums under the "village relations" section and look for various villages recruiting, and what they are looking for in a ninja, and what their village has to offer in return (such as upgrades).

Village Life

Once you are part of a village, you will notice that there are quite a few things that you can do inside, and various things you can read and look at. This section will describe the various sections that you will see in the village screen.

**Note - some sections require village upgrades or are locked by permissions or character requirements, so you may not see all sections mentioned here in every village you enter.

Informational Sections
Village Announcement - At the top of the village screen, just below the village name, there is a box titled "Village Announcement". This is a place where the Village Leader and his assistants can put important information and messages for their villagers to view. The information in here will stay until it is changed by someone with permissions to do so. You should probably make yourself familiar with whatever information is in this area, as often leaders put things villagers need to know, rules, and expectations in the announcement box.

Messages - Just below the announcement box you will see the village message board. This is a place where villagers can share information, and also important village events are listed here as they occur. It is probably wise to at least skim through these each time you log in to see what is going on in the village.

Members - Below the Message box, on the right hand side of the village screen is a box for "Members". This box gives important information about patrol bonuses, upkeep rates, taxes, invasion plans, as well as information on each of your fellow villagers. If you click the "show all villagers" link at the top it will display a list of everyone in your village, sorted by rank. You can click on their names to get more information about each villager.

Yesterday's Report - This box, below members, gives general information about who contributed taxes, did their chores, or who is being lazy and idle, the day before. It's kind of a quick summary of who's helping out, and who's slacking off in the village.

Spying Report (Permissions required) - This link takes you to a page giving you a summary of the information reported back to you by your spies in each village. It gives information such as what "Tier" village it is, who they are planning to invade, and what resources they had on hand at the time the report was last gathered. You cannot see this section if your Village Leader has not given you permission to do so.

Permissions - This section lists off the things you may and may not do in the village, based on the permissions you have been given by the Village Leader.

Upgrades - This section shows you how many upgrades your village has. If you click on "show all upgrades" it will show you a list of every upgrade that your village currently has in it. If you hover over the name of an upgrade, a pop-up will tell you what bonuses/effects that upgrade has for the village.

Resources - Over on the left hand side, below all of the action links, is a box called "Resources". In this box you can see what resources your village produces natively, what percentage chance your village has of finding resources at the coming dayroll, and what resources and Ryo your village currently has stored up. The Village Leader may opt to hide some of this information, in which case you would not be able to view how much Ryo and resources the village has stored up.

Spying On - A bit lower on the left side there is a box called "Spying On". This is just a list of all of the villages you currently have spies in, as well as how long until the spy becomes "set" which is required for an attack. It takes 24 hours for a spy to set from the time it is placed. Any village without an (xxH to go) listing next to it, is already set.

Village Helping Actions
There are several actions that a ninja can perform to help his or her village each day. Some of them may be disabled by the Village Leader, so you may not see all of the options listed below, depending on which ones they have enabled. Also you must have played recently in order to participate in these actions. Idle ninja will eventually lose access to them, until they play through their stamina for a day or two. Each ninja in the village may perform one of the following per day.

Collect Resources - Performing this action increase the percentage chance that your village will find one of its Basic native resources at dayroll. Once this hits 100% it is guaranteed for that day. There is also an Advanced Resource if your village has the appropriate upgrade, and your chance to find an Advanced Resource is 1/4 your percentage for finding the Basic Resource. The chance to find an Advanced Resource may continue to be increased, even after the chance to find a Basic Resource hits 100%.

Patrol - Performing this action makes it more difficult for enemy ninja to attack your village. For each ninja who patrols it increases the difficulty of an attack attempt by +1. Many Village Leaders desire their villagers to patrol, as it helps protect the villages valuable resources from invasion, and if the difficulty is high enough, often encourages potential attackers to go find easier targets.

Repair (This option can be disabled) - Sometimes a villages upgrades suffer damage, either from sabotage, or from a Kaiju running rampant overnight through the streets. Villages pay Ryo from their storehouse to repair damage, but ninja performing the Repair action will fix a portion of the damage based on their rank, without costing the village Ryo.

Do Paperwork (This option can be disabled) - Performing this action will reduce your village's upkeep the following day. Various upgrades enhance the amount of upkeep reduction granted by this action. Upkeep cannot be reduced below 0%, and some forms of upkeep cannot be effected by any reductions (such as new villagers joining the village).

Z-Resupply (This option can be disabled) - This action can only be performed if the village is currently engaged in a Zombja map. Performing this action grants every player 0.5 ZAP that they can use from a bank. You will receive a small amount of ZP (Experience in Zombjas) for performing this action as well.

Siege - (This option can be disabled) - This action can only be performed if the village is currently engaged in All-Out War. Performing this action grants every Sabotage +1% Damage.

Other Village Actions and Areas
Zombja Battle (Upgrade Required) - At the top of the left column in your village screen, there will be a box for "Zombja Battle" if your village is currently fighting a Zombja map. Clicking on this link will take you into the Zombja screen (see Zombja section in Areas of play).

Kaiju Battle (Upgrade Required) - Next on the left is the "Kaiju Battle" option if your village currently is fighting a Kaiju. If you click on this link you will be taken to the kaiju fighting screen. There you will be able to engage in various monster fighting options.

--About Kaiju (Monsters)--

Monsters have a 10% chance to attack villages with a Natural Resource Facility per day (if no other monsters are attacking). The higher your village's Peacetime Bonus, the more HP they will have! Your village has 7 days to defeat them by going to the 'Kaiju' link on the village screen. Each day a monster survives, it damages village upgrades! It costs 10-20 stamina to attack the monster, +10 additional Stamina for each other time you've attacked it that day. This is cumulative so your 3rd attack costs +20 stamina, your 4th +30 stamina, etc.

Only those who were a member of the village at the time the monster appeared can fight it. The monster will die if crippled at the start of a new day. Certain monsters can regenerate and/or get more difficult if they survive through a dayroll.

Defeating the monster awards your village a number of bonuses. First, your village receives a no-upkeep Upgrade that is unique to that specific monster. Also, the Village Leader, and (for all but the most powerful items) one random person who fought the monster, receive a special Permanent Item. The random item is awarded in a lottery based on the number of attacks that did damage to the monster - villagers who do not yet have the item are weighted a little more heavily. Each time you attack you get "tickets" towards winning the lottery drop. Each successive attack is worth more "tickets" then the previous. This works out such that 1 villager with 5 attacks has more chance to win then 5 villagers with one attack each all combined.

Villages with the Enticement Alter upgrade can spend resources in order to attract a Kaiju.

Phase Menu (Upgrade Required) - This section lets you engage in "Phase fighting", which is a section associated with R00t (See Areas of Play). You will be able to engage in one on one fights with Kaiju, paying stamina and Ryo costs, for a chance to win powerful items. In order to see this option your village will need to have the upgrade AND you will have had to advance far enough in R00t to have unlocked it.

Party House - This section will take you to the party house, where you can play many different games of chance and skill. This area is also accessible from the minimenu at the top of your screen. There are details on each of the Party House games in the Areas of Play section.

Spy on Other Villages (Permissions Required) - If your village has entered the Ninja World War, then this is the section where you would attempt to place spies in other villages. You will be taken to the spying screen where there will be a list of valid villages that you can attempt to spy on. It costs 5 stamina to "case" a village.

Attack Other Villages (Permissions Required) - If your village has entered the Ninja World War, then this is the section where you would attempt to attack another village by raiding their storehouse for Ryo. If you village has invasion preparations set to the village you attack, you will take one of each resource they have instead of taking Ryo.

Go To Bingo Book - This section will take you to the village selection screen of the bingo book. Here there will be a list of all villages your home village currently has spies in. You can view each village searching for a specific target, and from there can select a target to begin a bingo attempt on. Specifics on Bingoing are discussed in the Areas of Play section of the manual.

Village Helping Actions - The next links on the left hand side are the village helping actions discussed previously, Collect Resources, Patrol, Repair, Do Paperwork, and Z-Resupply. You will not see any options that your village leader has disabled.

SCIENCE! (Upgrade and Permissions Required) - This section is where you can go to tinker and unleash various SCIENCE machines that provide various beneficial effects for your village at dayroll. Note that most effects only are for those that were in your Village at Dayroll, and have not left your Village that day. You will not see this link if you do not have permissions to use SCIENCE from your Village Leader.

Marketplace (Upgrade Required) - This section will bring you to the market page, where you can buy and sell tradeable goods across the world of BvS. There are windows for viewing what has recently been listed, and what has recently sold. You can search for a specific item to see if any of those are listed on the market currently, and for what price, or to see what those items have sold for recently.

You may list up to 5 items on the market at a time, and there is a 5% non-refundable listing fee for doing so, based on the asking price of the item. Your item will remain on the market until it is sold, or for 4 days when it times out and is returned to you. You may also end an auction before the 4 day time limit has expired, but there is a 5000 Ryo penalty for doing so.

All Sales you make on the market will be given to you in Market Credit. All market purchases and listing fees will first be deducted from market credit before using your normal Ryo. A percentage of your market credit (or 5000 Ryo whichever is greater) can be removed from the market each day as normal Ryo. Also you can convert Market Credit into Ryo, Village Ryo, and Party House Ryo at an exchange rate listed on the market screen. If for example, the exchange rate for the type of transaction you choose is 70%, then you would receive 70 Ryo for every 100 in Market Credit that you convert.

Bunker (Sabotage Facility Required) - You may Declare War against other villages with Sabotage Facilities - this protects you from their Bingos, Raids, and Invasions. Should they Declare back, however, this begins an All-Out War.

If you have a SaboFac, you may declare AW against a single village that also has a SaboFac. This lasts for 14 days.
- The other village may not bingo / raid / invade your village unless they declare it back. This is similar to SaboFac vs. nonSaboFac. If they do not declare back, this is the only thing that AW does.
- Villages at AW with each other do double damage to each other. In addition, each Sabo done between these villages, from either side, does +100% (cumulative) damage. This cumulative damage rises until the war ends.
- Players may not join Villages in AW.
- Leaders may not change leadreship or leave Villages in AW.
- Villages may not buy Upgrades during AW.
- Villages may not drop out of the War (via size or Impossible Mission) during AW.
- Favors cannot cure you of Bingos while in AW.
- Peacetime for Villages in AW is locked to 0.
- Villages in AW cannot remove spies from the Villages they are in AW with.
- You may use Bankium to 'block' another Village's Repair Actions.
- at 7 Days or less remaining, either side may choose to Prolong the war. if both sides choose to, the timer resets to 14 days. cumulative damage still increases. If one side Prolongs the War, and the other does not, the war is over at the time limit. The village that did not prolong loses their Sabotage Facility as well as receiving other penalties (cannot entice or buy a Sabotage Facility for a number of days, cannot start a new village for a number of days, etc).
- you cannot Prolong if you are Bankium-Blocked or your Village Size drops to less than 5.

Jutstu Enhancement (Upgrade Required) - This section will bring you to the Jutsu Enhancement screen, where you can reduce the chakra cost of your known jutsu by spending earned Jutsu XP. Each Jutsu can be Enhanced this way down to 50% of the original cost.

Fighto (Upgrade Required) - This section will bring you into the Robo Fighto screen, where you can spend Ryo to enter tournaments and compete against other BvS players for prizes. Robo Fighto is discussed fully in the Areas of Play section of the manual.

Storehouse - This section will bring you into the storehouse page, where you can put extra trade-able items for your fellow villagers to take. How many and what items you are allowed to remove is based upon the permissions that your village leader has set.

Vacation (Upgrade Required) - This section takes you to a screen where you can opt to take a vacation which gives you an amount of stamina based on how long it has been since you last used this option.

Permissions (Permissions Required) - This section takes you to the screen where you can set various permissions for each villager. The leader of the village must give you permission in order to see or adjust the permissions on this page.

Launch Inquisition (Permissions and Upgrade Required) - This link will spend village resources in order to attempt to remove spies from your village. You must have permissions in order to see or use this function.

Get Spy Report (Permissions and Upgrade Required) - This link orders a current report from all of the spies that you have placed in villages at the time. The spies do not need to be "set" in order to provide report information. You must have permissions in order to use this function, and the results can be viewed on the spy report page.

Hunt for Ingredients (Upgrades(s) Required) - This box lets you go on various ingredient hunts, depending on time of year and upgrades that your village has. Select the area you would like to search, and click the link.

Purchase Ramen (Upgrade Required) - This section lets you spend Jutsu XP in order to get various bonuses, that are either immediate or last for the remainder of the day. Typically you may only do this once per day.

Obscure Your Name (Upgrade Required) - This Section allows you to spend Ryo to become immune to note page bingos. Your village needs the appropriate upgrade, and you must have unlocked “The Trade” bloodline in order to use this function.

Field Menu (Upgrade Required) - This section allows you to enter the R00t area of the game if your village has the appropriate upgrade, and you have completed the correct pre-requisite quests. R00t is discussed fully in the Areas of Play section of the manual.

Spend Z-Rewards - This section takes you to a screen where you can spend the Z-rewards you earn at the end of Zombja maps.

Village Bank - Below Resources is a section called village bank, which will tell you how much Ryo you have, and how much Ryo the village has (if the Village Leader has not hidden this information. You may use the blank here to donate some of your Ryo to the village. Your donation will be reduced by the upkeep amount just like daily contributions are, though your donation is instant and does not wait until dayroll to go into the village stores.

Village Contracts - This section below village bank will allow you to donate any Major and Minor village contracts your character has found through various missions. These contracts are donated immediately and are not subject to upkeep, so the village receives the entire 1000 or 5000 Ryo each.

Leave Village - At the very bottom left there will be a box entitled leave village. If you wish to leave your current village, then you can type in your password and click the "Leave Village" link. Note leaving your village temporarily will disable you from engaging in certain actions, such as fighting a Kaiju that had already been summoned, or participating in a Zombja map that was already active, even if you were already doing those things before leaving the village.

Running a Village

Starting and/or leading your own village takes a considerable bit more effort then just being a good villager. You should make sure you are well prepared before undertaking the daunting task of leading your own village. It is only recommended that players with fairly advanced characters and with the capability of playing the game on a very regular basis take on the responsibility of becoming the Leader of a village.

The base requirements to start a village are that you are Season 2 or higher, you have acquired an item from a special quest that proves your achievements, and 50,000 of your own Ryo in startup money.

There are many things you will have to look after as a leader. First and foremost you are going to need to recruit other ninja to join your village in order to grow and be successful. You will not be able to purchase and maintain (keep from crumbling) upgrades without having certain numbers of active ninja in your village. A village with no villagers can’t accomplish very much in BvS, and will quickly lead to frustration and failure.

Once you have some trusted friends or villagers, you will be able to assign vice-leader permissions which enable them to assist with some of the village management tasks, but some things can only be done by the leader.

Leader/Vice-Leader Tasks:
Applications - One of your most basic tasks will be to maintain the flow of applications to your village, in order to allow new ninja to join. Once you have written a blurb and opened up your village to potential applicants, there will be windows near the bottom left-hand side of the village page where you can view ninja applying to your village and see what they have written in their request to be accepted. From the windows below the applications you will be able to accept or deny ninja requesting entrance to your village.

Remove Characters from Village - In the bottom left portion of the village page, there will also be a pull-down in that section to kick out existing villagers that have done something wrong, or perhaps just become idle and non-helpful to the village.

Name New Leader (Leader only task) - If for some reason you need to give up leadership to someone else in the village, this is where you can do it. You can't relinquish leadership if you are currently Bingoed or there is a Kaiju fight taking place. The transfer makes them the new Leader immediately, allowing them all of the privileges of leadership. They can give you back the village if they want to subject to the same rules about being bingoed and Kaiju fighting. Also you can forcefully reclaim leadership within 7 days but this bingoes you for 24 hours and this bingo can not be cured.

Permissions - This section is where the Village leader can assign permissions, including appointing Vice-Leaders, to the members of their village. There is even a permission that allows other members to edit permissions. The leader always has access to all permissions.

Duplicate Check - You may use this tool to check to see who in your village is playing from the same IP. These characters are considered duplicates. Duplicate players can't both help you village with the daily activities (collect, patrol, etc.) and certain other activities such as fighting monsters or Bingo people. Only one of them will count towards the village size for any activities dependent on village size, such as maintaining the village upgrades.

Ban List - Ban players by name or IP from applying or auto-applying. Any Alts of banned names are banned as well. Requires "permissions" permissions.

Change Tax Rate - This option lets you select what percentage of Ryo from missions your village takes from its members. There is a minimum value that you can set your tax rate too, which is equal to the number of ninja you have in your villager +/- modifiers such as upgrades.

Hide/Show Resources (Leader only task) - this option in the resources block on the left hand side, allows you to choose whether the details of how many resources and how much Ryo your village has is visible to the other members of village. This can be used to protect this information and prevent someone from reporting it to other villages through outside of game means.

Repair, Paperwork, Z-Resupply - These options on the right hand side allows the leader to activate or deactivate each, changing their availability to the ninja of the village as options for helping village actions each day. As each ninja can only perform one of these per day, many leaders find it useful to turn off actions they do not wish their villagers to perform.

Upgrades - There will be a section below the list of upgrades that the village has, where a leader can see upgrades that are available for purchase with the village resources and Ryo. You will only be able to see the upgrades that you are relatively close to being able to buy, and only the ones for your villages “Tier” or below. Currently there are 3 Tiers of villages; Basic, NRF, and Beacon.

RNG Altar - Below the change tax rate option, there is a space for the RNG Altar. This lets you generate a random number between 1 and a value you select (eg.. 1-100), that will be posted in the village message log. This is useful for leader who need to resolve an issue randomly between villagers, or to choose between various options randomly, when it is desired for everyone in the village to see the result. So if for example you had one "Super Shiny Thingy" and 3 villagers were equally deserving of it, you could make a roll of 1-3 and grant the item to the winner of the roll. As the result is posted in the message log, then the villagers would know that the selection was "fair" and not simply made up by the leader. Each roll has an ID number to prevent trickery with deleting messages.

Buy Nonjas - If your village has the appropriate upgrade, then below the RNG Altar you will have the option to Buy Nonjas. Nonjas cost 25,000 Village Ryo, stamina if you already have nonja, and 1% upkeep. Nonjas give your village 4% collection per day, and count as +1 village size for purposes of keeping upgrades from crumbling. Nonjas are keyed to the leader, so if you leave the village, or name a new village leader, all of the current nonjas will explode. Also you have to pay 20 stamina per nonja to wind them, which gives them 3 days of time. If you don't keep winding them they will explode when their time runs out.

Destroy Nonja - If you wish to get rid of a single nonja you can type "DESTROY" into the box below the Buy Nonja section and click the "Destroy Nonja" link. This is handy if you wound up a few nonja way too many times, and found you cannot afford to buy additional ones at the current stamina cost for "catch-up".

Name Nonjas - Below the destroy nonja box there is a section where you can type in a name of up to eight characters for each of your nonja. Each nonja shows up in your villagers list with the name you put in here.

Experiment on Nonjas - If you have the appropriate upgrade, this section allows you to pay 100,000 Village Ryo, 1 Native Advanced Resource, and 1 Nonja to begin a Zombja map. There are 3 difficulty levels of map that you can choose, and you must beat each one once before being allowed to select the next higher difficulty level. Also There is a 5 day cooldown between maps in which you are unable to begin a new map after the current map has ended. This number is displayed in the box, letting you know how many days you have left until your village may begin another Zombja map.

Make Headband - If you have the appropriate upgrade then you will be able to see this link on the lower right hand side of the village page. This link will take you to a page where you are able to choose the color of, and upload an image for, your village headband.

Enter the War (Leader only task) - Once your village has the War Council upgrade, you will have the option to enter your village in the Ninja World War. This is a one time action that cannot be reversed, and grants your village a few resources to get started with. Once your village is in the NWW you cannot leave, but it unlocks the Spying, Attacking, and Bingoing options for your village and members. Many upgrades require resources that your village does not produce naturally, so it is necessary to enter the NWW to advance beyond a certain point.

Invasion Preparations - Once per day you can make preparations to invade another village that you currently have a spy in. You must then wait a few hours before being able to launch an attack against that village, and the attempt will require the attacker to succeed in all three skill rolls (Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu). If the attacker from your village succeeds, then you will take one of each resource that the village invaded possesses instead of taking Ryo.

Use Timesphere - Below the preparation pulldown, there is a section to use timespheres. These are consumable items that allow your village to change your Invasion preparations an additional time beyond your normal limit. No more then 3 of these can be used in a single day.

Invasion Defense - with the appropriate upgrade, this box below the "Spying On" list lets you defend your village from a single other village. While you're defended from a village they have attack attempts increased by 20 difficulty when attempting to invade your village. You cannot defend against a village you have recently attacked, or attack a village you recently have had Invasion Defense set against.

Saboteur - This setting allows the leader to choose what ninja are allowed to "sabotage" other villages during invasions if you have the Sabotage Facility upgrade.

Rules and Punishment

There's a few things you aren't allowed to do in BvS, and doing them will get you in trouble. Minor things (marked with an *) may get you a warning (which could lead to a ban if you don't cut it out), whereas flagrant violations and repeat offenses can get you banned with no recompense. Banned characters receive no refunds for Karma or Sponsorship, and while there is a method to appeal a ban - check under "Can't Log In" on the main page - it hardly ever works. Consider this your only warning.

- Hacking
Sending modified instructions to the server not allowed by the game. Security compromising.

- Automation
Having a program click or load a page for you. Greasemonkey scripts to enhance your play experience (calculating success probabilites, etc) are okay, but you are not allowed to use anything that automatically contacts the Billy server for any reason.

- Exploiting
Finding a bug that gives an unfair advantage and failing to report it. Those who report bugs are rewarded lavishly, so it is always in your best interest to let us know.

- Account Theivery
Logging in as another player without their permission. Note that, even with their permission, that character is considered your 'alt' at that time, and is covered under those rules. Also, if you can log into the account, it is your account - don't give your info out if you aren't okay with that person taking over permanently.

- Impersonation
Pretending to be another person or a mod.

- Harassment
Playing in such a way to create a negative experience for others. Bothering someone through in-game messaging after they ask you to stop. Note that physical threats, or anything that is illegal, is grounds for an instant ban. Note that village actions are not harassment - however, demanding out-of-game actions in regards to village actions is. Joining / Creating Villages with ulterior motives - advertising, invites to join other Villages, spying, and so on, is at the least harassment, and probably Alt Abuse as well.

- Cursing*
Swearing and foul language. This includes 'being overly mean', though anything from racism to personal trash talk. Evading the filter is still cursing.

- Overloading
Sending repeated frivolous inputs to the server. Repeated refreshing.

- Failure to Comply with Mod Instructions
Not doing what a mod says. Mods will tell you to stop 'toeing the line' on rules you are obviously trying to bend. Not backing down is against the rules. Should you have a problem with a mod, BR it.

- Alt Abuse
Helping one of your characters with another character that you control. All characters you play should lead completely separate lives - no sharing items, engaging in trades, and so on. They should play as if they don't want to deal with each other in any way.

- Illegal Activities
Discussing / doing anything that is illegal in the state of New York in the USA. This includes linking to scanlations, obtaining Karma under false pretenses, phishing for passwords, and so on.

- Pattern of Fail
Showing a history of playing with intent to make the game unfun for others - this means sending annoying messages to someone until they ask you to stop, then doing it to another, and another, and another - tracking down players IRL information and harassing them outside the game - traveling from Village to Village with the intent of harassing other players and escaping consequences, and so on.

- Being a Complete Idiot
Pushing the boundaries of the rules for the sake of being an idiot. If you make the moderation and development staff repeatedly miserable, they won't take it kindly, and will ban you for it. To make this perfectly clear - the Admin reserves the right to ban you at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all, and by playing BvS you agree that being banned can happen, and you are okay with that.

Alt Abuse Rules

- For these rules, 'Alt' means 'a character you play, either your Main or your Alt'.
- Alts must be declared via the Account Options page. Playing multiple characters is itself Alt Abuse if they are not declared.
- A player may have a max of three characters at any time. That means if you have three characters, and you 'log in to your friend once in a while to do X', you actually have four characters.
- Only one character per player may ever accept 'gifts' from friends in-game. This character may not change. For example, if you make a character and your friend helps them out, when you later make an alt, your friend - or any other friend - may not 'help them out' as well.
- Alts may not be in a village together.
- Alts must live completely separate lives. You are at all times to keep your characters from interacting in any way.
- Alts may not transfer items and/or Ryo to each other.
- Alts may not donate items to a Village inhabited by another Alt.
- Alts may not perform actions that another Alt is compensated for.
- Alts may not join in Wars or Village Actions that help another Alt. This includes Bingoing/Raiding/Invading/Bankium Blocking a Village that is Warring with another Alt's Village, and Sieging / Patrolling in a Village that is at War with another Village that is at War with a Village that an Alt is in.
- Alts may not compensate someone that helped another Alt.
- Should an Alt and another Alt both be leaders in separate Villages, they may not perform Village Actions against each other in any way. They may not perform Village Actions against the same Villages in the same day.
- Should a third party attempt to involve a player's Alts in a War or other altercation together, the third party should be informed as to the situation. (A1's Village and A2's Village are Warred against by B Village). Note that A1 and A2 should not have been doing anything towards B in the first place. Should B continue their aggression, moderation will come into play - and as either A1/A2 or B is obviously doing this to provoke moderation actions, moderation will not be lenient to the parties at fault.
- Alts may not enter any tournament or contest where another Alt has already entered (Big Board, Over 11K, Cosplay, Robo Fighto, VGTourney, Marksman, and so on - this list is by no means exhaustive. If it is something that one person wins and another person doesn't, and your character have any chance whatsoever of interacting in any way, you may not use Alts).
- Only one character per player may be used to post on community message boards / chats. Should a player have Alts that require different permissions (one is a Village Leader for example), if they plan on using those functions, they should only use that alt, and announce clearly when they switch. Regardless of all possible circumstances, they may not switch posting characters more than once without express moderator approval. Alts may not involve themselves in any Billy business that involves their Alt. This includes buying and/or selling similar items on the Marketplace, trading Contracts, or any other action.
- Offering 'alts' to move to Villages is permitted (so that you may play with your friends), but they cannot interact with your other alts, including compensation, in any way. (example: A1 has A2 join B's Village. A1 may not help B's Village, as that helps A2. The converse is also alt abuse - if A1 gives B Ryo/Item help to start a Village, they may not move an Alt over)
- 'Account Sitting' is allowed in extreme circumstances, where a player may give their login information to another player to log in as them to keep their account from being deleted. If a character is more than 15 days idle, simply logging in as them will set them to 15 days idle without the alt abuse system considering them as logged in as another player. Note: logging in as another player when they are less than 15 days idle, or doing ANYTHING other than immediately logging out, marks that character as yours. Use this only in extreme circumstances, and trust who you give your information to, as if they do anything clever, you could lose your character.
- Note that 'Lending a character to a friend' and then taking it back is Alt Abuse, because the intent was to allow your character to be played by another for a limited period of time before you regained possession. The Moderation Team reserves the right to ban anyone they agree is Alt Abusing without warning, including 'clever' players who come up with schemes to work within the written rules to abuse the system.
- Lastly, ignorance is no excuse. Alt Abuse is punished by banning, with no warning.
- There is one time where Alts can interact - an Alt may transfer Karma to another Alt.

If you are banned you will be given a method to appeal, which will be read by the game administrator, who may lift your ban. Apologizing is not enough - if you broke a rule, you are done. Appealing is only for cases of mistaken identity or incorrect reasoning - ignorance is not an excuse.

Karma, Billy Club and Boosters

Karma is in-game currency bought with real money.
Boosters and BillyClub are the two major ways of supporting the game. BillyClub is a 30-day pass to the BillyClub section, which gives you access to the game's sketchbook, the BC Chat, and the QnA, where you can ask questions to the game's creator. It also gives you a number of small bonuses for your duration in the club. Boosters are one-per-day character bonuses, which are used from your Main Page. Check the Karma page for details.


Optional Emails are stored on your account in the database, and are backed up with database backups, which are destroyed after a period of time.
Email is deleted from your account on request.