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  • You start with 250 Stamina a day, which you use to start Missions and Quests, Collect Resources for your Village, and so on.

  • Bonus Stamina is easy to get! Tons of item will give it, there're two bonus codes on your Main page, posting a sig banner will get you Stamina, not to mention awesome Bonus Items if new people keep playing after they click your link! Check the How to Play for details!

  • Your Abilities (Gen, Nin, and Tai) let you attempt to get Successes on Missions.

  • Jutsu, Teammates, and Items get you bonuses to Levels (more attempts), Strength (better attempts), and Range (higher possible attempts).

  • Get enough Successes to Defeat a Mission! Get Items, Allies, Jutsu XP, Ability AP, Ryo, and more!

  • Is the Mission too hard? Use Jutsu! Jutsu cost Chakra and Items. Use Stamina to Charge Chakra, and hit the Store to buy more Items.

  • Quests advance the plot, rank you up, and unlock tons of awesome things, from Reapers to Pizza Delivery to Dance Contests!

  • You have a certain Appetite based on your Rank and Season that lets you use One-Use Items from your Consumables page! Get Stamina, items, bonuses, and more!

  • Villages are a bunch of Ninja that can get Village Bonuses, fight other players in the Ninja World War, fight Monsters, get Summons, invade other Villages, and more.

  • Players may not use multiple characters to help themselves, and may only have a max of three characters. This is called Alt Abuse, and is covered in the Full Manual.

  • The Full Manual covers everything, so you should read it sooner or later.

How To Play (Short Version)
Congratulations - you are on your way to becoming the ultimate Ninja! (by Ninja, of course, we mean Ninja/Alchemist/Student/Detective/Robot Pilot/Grill Monkey, and more!)

In BvS, you can become a legendary Sannin, lead a Village, blow up a Village, pilot a Robot, go on a date or two with anime's hottest characters, all of the above, and more! To do that, though, you'll have to overcome some crazy challenges and train to be the best.

--Your Character--
The lifeblood of BvS is Stamina - it lets you do everything. You get a fixed amount per day, but can get more from bonuses, in-game items, and events. Missions and Quest Steps cost 10 Stamina, and all sorts of other things cost Stamina too.

Number of times you've Looped (gotten to a high level and willingly Looped back to Genin). This unlocks higher-level content and perks.

How awesome you are.

Money. Buy things. Bribe people. Gamble. Oh yeah.

There are your primary Stats. Each point is a chance at getting a Success during a Mission (or other) Attempt, Get enough AP in a stat, and it levels up!

Used to fire off Jutsu.

Jutsu XP
XP used to, you guessed it, buy Jutsu (and other things).

Your buddies. Put them on your team. Stab people. It's awesome.

Stuff you pick up on your travels.

Innate abilities. You'll know what they do when you get them.

Boosts to your stats that cost Chakra.

-- How Attempts Work --

Challenges have Success and Difficulty Levels. You need to get the number of Successes listed (or more) to pass. Each Level you have in a stat is a 1-10 roll when trying to beat a challenge. Range bonuses let you roll higher, Strength bonuses add to your rolls, Level bonuses give you extra rolls, Success bonuses are rolls that automatically, well, 'succeed'.

Areas in BvS

Missions are where you level your stats, find Allies, get Items, and make Ryo. Your Rank and Quests completed help determine which types of Missions you can go on, and if you are high enough rank, you can narrow down which missions you get to focus on a certain stat, or hunt down an elusive Item.

These are special missions that advance the plot (and get you awesome stuffs).

Put Allies on your team to boost your stats and help you out.

Buy jutsu that are taught by your Allies.

Party House
Chat and gamble for fun and prizes.


Groups of Ninjas that work together. New players can wander into an open Village to help out. Otherwise, you can look through the Open Applications and send one. When you join one (and you really, really should!), be sure to help out every day, Collecting or Patrolling.

Looking for a more complete manual? Click here for the Full Manual!