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Wintervale Village
-The Village Hidden in Clouds -
Village Leader: Trapper
Number of Ninja: 30
AoniNuc, Archfiend, Biscuit, BlueB3ar, Boltredge, Caio, Charlesfox, Exatto, Guyfon, jenna12381, JokerFly, Jolan, LordRevan, Malohip, ManKyYen, Neoumbra, Nessiah, razor, Seijou, Sev Erance, Shalowiel, Styckman12, Tara, Vendrick, Wrldbldr, Yenmorn, Youyii, YuyaYoko, Zert
Number of Upgrades: 140
War Status: Days Peaceful: 8
Recruitment Status: Recruiting!
Working to complete the IM 🦊

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