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Nyx Village
-The Village Hidden in the Dark Hour -
The slightest thought of this Village
sends you quaking in fear!
Village Leader: McAwesome
Number of Ninja: 46
Aleta, Ayuki, blairlos, Chamomile, Chiyo, dilly, Elk, freshyjazz, Haplo064, Jajuka, Jarga, jason12345, Jetleo1, Kaya, Kirakishou, Koddy, Lakhesis, Locke69, Lorimalron, lucaus, mecha, Mighty Bob, MNC5, mochin86, MrObamus, Murphy540, NiakRedle, norskefaen, Not a Hero, Nyx, OddBunnie, Pudding, Qian, rhein007, Riggy, RurGo, ruXik, Stiltzkin, TheRadro, Xedryz, Yeek, Zamess, Zecarius, Zetas, Zynik
Number of Upgrades: 188
War Status: Active!
Recruitment Status: Recruiting!
All upgrades.

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